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Cuck me please?

Last night during foreplay as things started to heat up Cheyenne forcefully reached down between my legs with her hand and grabbed my entire cock and balls and started to twist and squeeze with purpose. Then, while keeping the pressure … Continue reading

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Am I really submissive?

Shortly after initiating a break from kink play and D/s a couple of months ago I purchased Rika’s new book “Uniquely Us” in an attempt to better understand the d/s dynamic that I continually feel attracted to. In the book, … Continue reading

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Sweet surrender

I had an unusually interesting realization last night that in some way I’m still working to understand. What happened was I was showering alone in the house. Cheyenne returned home while I was still in the shower. She snuck into … Continue reading

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Creating space

I’ve been avoiding this space since I backed off of chasing my kinky desires with Cheyenne at the beginning of August. Our sexual relationship took on a much different feel, at least from my perspective, and my feelings about backing … Continue reading

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D/s. 2.0

Happa and Cheyenne actively working on a reboot of our kinky interactions… Things have been evolving faster than I can put mature words to but will be back in this space with updates soon!

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