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Delayed gratification

As I near the one month mark of orgasm denial and being locked into a device for six weeks I’ve learned a couple things about myself and Cheyenne. Abstaining from penile sex for a month has shown me that my … Continue reading

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It’s been a couple weeks since I last wrote here but not because my impulse to write was missing. The delay was because I needed time to wrap my head around how much things have changed between Cheyenne and me … Continue reading

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Sometimes it just clicks

I’ve written quite a bit about my frustrations in trying to connect with Cheyenne sexually with spontaneity, intensity and raw desire. Then there are moments like this morning when C initiated sex and was absolutely unapologetic about taking what she … Continue reading

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Eddies of kink and fantasy

Yesterday, after a period of no sex I felt a surge of hormones and kinky thoughts welling up inside of me, starting deep in the night and cresting the wall of my inhibitions as I woke. As my morning progressed … Continue reading

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