I’m writing from an eleven hour solo flight from Tokyo to the Midwest. It’s nice to finally have the time to peck out a post from my phone. Lying here in the dark tapping away sleeplessly as I cross from late Saturday into early morning of the same Saturday somewhere over the Pacific. 

I’m returning from utopian Singapore. 10 days of working, eating, and sweating (it’s steam room humid). Loved Singapore. I’ve never seen a cleaner safer place in my life, even compared to Japan. I was initially creeped out by how non-threatening and passive everyone was first for few days after arriving. Was this a Soilent Green producing society!?! Can integrated societies actually be completely peaceful and safe? Turns out they can and they can flourish. Truthfully it was a nice break from mass shootings, racism, and rape culture. Oh, and let’s not forget Trump antics. Refreshingly, outside the US Trump is mostly second page material because the world is moving on regardless of the dumpster fires he starts. There are too many other big and exciting things going on elsewhere in the world. All jokes aside, Singapore is a beautiful place with kind gentle people of many ethnicities. Amazing architecture and culture. Crazy good food and drink all wrapped in an equatorial climate of humid sunny 80-90 degree days e-v-e-r-y day.

Sorry for the tangent, especially any political glances. What’s more relevant to this blog is Singapore, for all its goodness appears to be a sexless society. At least publicly. There are signs of stifled sexuality in the many “Thai discos” (google is your friend). Maybe there are some underground avenues to meet other kinksters but you’d want to be extra careful not to break one of the many “decency” laws. Singapore still actively employs the death penalty for drugs and public caning for relatively minor things like graffiti. Ah yes…public caning! A masochists delight. Not so fast. We’re not talking big red welts or a even a little blood. They cane so severely that just five strokes will remove all the skin from your ass. Way above my idea of a rewarding spanking.

Ah yes, back to rewarding spankings. I miss them. A couple months ago when I met the ProDomme I though the heavens had provided a path to all manners of kinky femdom pleasures but the light of hope had its oxygen sucked away from long work days and sleepless nights. Oddly, I’ve been feeling disconnected from my normal sexual self. As if sex has been extinguished from my senses. Maybe, like Singapore the sexual spark is still there behind an obscure door in an alley off the beaten path waiting to be opened again. 

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