From the outside

My sex life the last couple months has been very different than others times during my relationship with Cheyenne. I’ve completely backed away from dating apps after hundreds of shallow chats amounting to “let’s fuck now” regardless of my profile preferences. There were only two people I ended up meeting for sex and only once per person. More on that later.

What’s different about sex with Cheyenne is she’s taken a liking to orgasms from my fingers while I rub my hard cock against her from behind. She likes the gentle touches from my fingers mixed with the escalating desperation of me trying to come from limited contact. It’s a hot scene for sure and so far we’ve both found the absence of PIV sex unusually rewarding bit for very different reasons. For me, kept from PIV feeds my denial fantasies. We discovered our new routine through slowly warming up to sex from our typical state of parental emotional depletion. It started with some gentle touches in the softest and warmest places that warmed to increasingly intimate and intentional body contact. Soon we were both within reach of orgasm. Hers came first as usual, but mine was far from certain because she hadn’t given me permission to come and the sensations of rubbing against her were unfamiliar for achieving orgasm. As my desperation built she told me I was allowed to come if I could. What put me over the edge was when she whispered to me that I wasn’t allowed inside her anymore. Those words pierced my mind and ricocheted down my spine slamming me into a most intense orgasm.

Since that first PIV shutout our sex hasn’t deviated much. A week ago I was becoming a bit worried if this was becoming another notch down in our sex life so I asked and was quickly reprimanded for not enjoying it. No vision was offered either. Last week while we were having POV sex, I almost slipped inside by accident and was sternly warned NOT to go inside. The comment was so uncharacteristically sharp that it caught me by surprise but edginess of being sharply controlled during sex sent me once again over the edge into a blissful orgasm. I’m not sure what to make of all this, what the point is, or where it’s headed but I’m certainly enjoying the control and denial. I’m also getting a lot of orgasms and freedom for a guy who arguably should be locked 24/7. What do I know?

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