PIV is out and POoV is the new norm. POoV defined as penis outside of vagina.

This seems to be the most popular D/s dynamic we’ve encountered to date. Cheyenne has been having more O’s from the penis desperately rubbing against her than from anything else in resent history. Half of the time she lets me try to come from continuing to rub against her, the other half she just rolls over and goes to sleep while my sexual frustration slowly dissipates into the darkness. Dreams of denial and bizarre cuckolding scenarios typically follow. Cheyenne also seems most empowered verbally from this kind of sex. Her teasing and taunting remarks while I’m desperately trying to come are aimed right at the cortex of my cuckold fantasy brain which in the moment is exactly the push needed to overcome the lack of soft wetness I need.

Cheyenne seems to think of this as a form of chastity without a device. She’s never really gravitated to the devices like I have so it’s fun to see a gravitation to the concept. I however need the bondage a device affords so I lock myself everyday. I thrive on the continuity of denial, persistent thoughts of being separated from the socialized obligations of traditional masculinity. Even unproven notions of sexual atrophy from a chastity device fuel the possibility that someday her orgasms will find other more satisfying means than my penis. Perhaps, she’ll now find her sexual power. Power to take what she wants when she wants it. That, I find exceptionally hot! Is some ways, its all happening right now for the first time.

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