Progress but not sex

Seems my posts are continually spaced further apart in time. Contrary to my lack of reporting there are a lot of sex positive things to journal to keep this blog remotely up to date.

One of the things Cheyenne and I firmly agreed one years ago was we both wanted to have more kink positive friends to socialize with. Recently, a local couple has been very warm and communicative with us both and Cheyenne as taken a liking to them, especially the wife. I’ve met the other husband for dinner and drinks and Cheyenne met wife over coffee. We have a couples dinner date for later this month planned that we all are looking forward to. So far conversation has been pretty rated G but there have been some fun exchanges that hint at stimulating conversation in our future. Regardless, its a great feeling to make new friends…wish it wasn’t such a rare experience.

For myself, I’ve continued to use my permission slip from Cheyenne to explore my sexuality with men only. There have certainly been some fun experiences; no regrets so far. The most interesting thing I’ve learned about myself is that I’m really not attracted to men. I think what men “do” is exciting, but I’m not turned on by men. I feel disappointed and a bit depressed that my options have narrowed so significantly without an obvious path to sexual balance.

A couple weeks ago I met a very nice Dom gentleman. We spent half our visit talking and sharing perspectives. It was extremely refreshing to have his perspective which was based on a healthy dose of life experience and a relentlessly kinky appetite. Perfect combo! We did end up playing. It was fun for sure, but more of an ice-breaker to physically validate our conversation. I’ve shared my sexual hopes and dreams with him as I tend to do with anyone who is genuinely interested. Of course, I’ve shared all of this with Cheyenne. Keeping Cheyenne up to speed is key for me because at the end of the day what I truly want is her involvement in my sexuality.

Lastly, as the icing on the cake, I’ve connected with yet another couple. A husband and wife who actively lead a femdom cuckold lifestyle. Most of my conversations were initially with the wife so I introduced Cheyenne to her and also reached out to her husband. Cheyenne loved the connection and with a short time Cheyenne was once again saying she was going to reach out to other men for experimentation. Amazing. She said having supportive girlfriends in the lifestyle makes it possible for her to see a path forward for herself.

Back again soon I promise. Cheyenne and I are headed out to Haulover beach for our last naked day in the sun this week. Oh the tattoos!

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