Why I’m writing

I’m a 40 something year old half-Asian half Caucasian married man. Over the last several years I’ve experienced more personal growth than at any other time in my life that I can remember.

I’m talking big stuff: Divorce, children, remarrying, career changes, coming out as bisexual and kinky. In general, coming out to the world as I am.

I began living truer to my nature than ever before. My (second) wife knows everything about me. Yes, everything. I’m much more present to everything and everyone around me. My interaction with people is genuine, as free from pretense as I can achieve in the moment.

While all of this sounds like great, “good for you” stuff, it’s not always graceful and fun. At times, being yourself can be challenging. This Blog is about my experience of being a Hapa 40 something bisexual married father thrill seeking career man and how I interact with the world. Its been quite a ride so far!

Thanks for joining me on this ride. I look forward to hearing from you!



4 Responses to Why I’m writing

  1. dualdrew says:

    I thought I would leave one summary message here, but this is all good stuff and I love seeing the perspective it is allowing you to have. Keep it up!


  2. After reading this, it really stuck with me. Sadly, a lot of people live out their entire lives in misery, never being true to their self. Because of this, it’s always truly exciting to see that some people break away from this, and enjoy what life truly has to offer. I hope for nothing but the best for you and your future.


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